The Bespoke Experience

Placing an order with Bespoke can be simple as choosing an item from our image gallery or commissioning our team to provide complete design, fabrication and installation services. All furnishings kitchens and architectural accents can be purchased can be purchased as seen in our image library, or they can be modified.


All Bespoke products are crafted individually, which makes modification of materials, dimensions and finish options straightforward and efficient. Our designers are qualified to advise on all elements of design, fabrication and installation. They can also serve as a resource for any creative changes you would like to make.

At Bespoke we realize that the bones of a room are just as important as its contents. A beautiful table, unique cabinetry or an antique armoire can be made transcendent if ensconced in the appropriate environment. That environment can be created using paneling, ceiling coffers, marquetry flooring, one of a king passageway doors or unique architectural embellishments. Bespoke also crafts distinctive passageway doors, marquetry details, multiple raised panels and unique combinations of materials. All of these architectural embellishments combine to create a beautiful frame, designed to showcase the contents of a room.

At Bespoke we are always searching for the most unique materials in the world, which allows each commission to have its own inimitable character. Unique materials by definition are rare and rare materials need to be treated with a greater sense of stewardship. We design and fabricate based on quality and uniqueness, not on quantity and our goal is to create heirloom commissions. Hopefully these are commissions that will pass from the hands of one generation to another. Though we use rare materials, we purchase them from rebuttable distributors and use them mindfully. Our mindset is to maximize the utility of every flitch of veneer and every foot of lumber that passes through our workshop doors.



A luxury commission typically takes several experts working together to meet the client needs. This can require many time-consuming and logistically difficult meetings. However, as a Bespoke client, you will work with one design and fabrication expert from start to finish. We can service around the world including North America, Europe, or wherever your dream home may be located.

The same craftsmen that built your products will be in your home to meet the delivery and conduct the installation, by which time they will have a very intimate understanding of how your commission must be handled. Bespoke can even deliver your crates on their own truck to assure a safe and bump free transit, in fact we require this for our entire Regency line of products. There is nothing more frustrating for all parties than to have goods damaged by outside freight companies especially with the ensuing delays.



Bespoke’s project flow process is very simple and consists of a few key steps to ensure goals are met and dreams are created. We begin with an onsite consultation with a Bespoke designer, followed by a concept brief that translates to a complete design proposal including one-off crafted door and finish samples. Once all ideas and budgets are approved, the Bespoke craftsmen apply their trade and create products unequaled in our industry. Throughout each stage, images will be shared with you that chart the progress in our workshops so that a feeling of connection with the process can be appreciated.











Over the years, we have fine-tuned our approach to creating products by experimenting with various combinations of talent, passion and design. We have found that it is essential for a commission to start and end with the same group of talented designers to ensure the concept fully develops and evolves. We believe that design is fluid and that at any stage in the process it can be fine-tuned one step further.

In more traditional environments, the design is completed and then passed onto manufacturing. At this point, the natural evolution of the design process comes to a halt. At Bepoke the design does not stop once the craftsmen begin to exercise their craft. Instead continuous design is driven from concept to delivery. Nimbleness is key for our team; we are large enough to service the most discerning clients but small enough to allow our products to evolve during their entire time in the Bespoke studio and workshop. Tolerances can be fine-tuned, material choices can be optimized and unique details can suddenly become a reality.

Bespoke’s designers harness unparalleled knowledge of their professions in combination with true artistry. This lends to an environment where ideas flow freely between designers and craftsmen and beautiful works of art are shaped.

“Shaking hands with the past” is a simple yet meaningful principle. It is our desire to blend all of the knowledge, skills and talent of our forebears with modern technology and industry advancements we know of today. In our shop you will see artisans showcasing a commanding knowledge of hand techniques and tools alongside an in-depth understanding of the latest technology. It is our goal to meld unparalleled artistry with today’s state-of-the-art technology to bring you a product that is truly unlike any interior furnishing, or otherwise, you have seen before.