Contemporary Ipanema Kitchen

Our Contemporary Ipanema Kitchen was inspired by a colour, this colour was created by Audi and featured exclusively on their R8 supercar. The figured English sycamore accents and interiors draw from the alabaster leather of the R8. These cabinets feature electrically powered doors and drawers with automated interior lighting systems. Contemporary design dictates very specific material proportions, this can limit material choices used in traditional cabinetry. This was overcome, for example, on the interior shelving used in the Ipanema Kitchen. Traditionally our shelving is much thicker than the industry standard, the Ipanema Kitchen required very thin contemporary shelving while still displaying the luxury look and feel of figured English sycamore. These shelves are solid billet aluminum wrapped with a thin veneer of sycamore, thus providing high strength from thin dimensions. While our world-class marquetry could not be displayed on the exterior of the Ipanema Kitchen, it was put to good use.

• Full overlay construction utilizing motorized hardware
• Full contrasting interiors in wenge and sycamore
• Wenge and sycamore radial drawer box interiors
• Full interior automated lighting system


Customizable – yes, completely
Materials – wenge & sycamore
Lead Time – 2-4 months approx.
Price – from $80,000